PT. Ningrat Abimayu Selaras


Selling Cheap Sound Dampening in Jakarta

 Selling Sound Insulation is a media that can function to reduce and reduce the amount of intensity of noise and noise that occurs. This media is much sought after and used as an insulation device that can reduce various types of sounds and sounds that can be disturbed that can occur at home, office or building even to reduce the intensity of noise that can occur at any time.

PT. Abimayu Selaras Ningrat is the most complete, cheapest distributor of sound absorbers of the highest quality. Besides that we also provide a variety of the best and most complete sound absorbers, including glasswoll, rockwool, acoustic panels, etc. Our products have become consumers' choice for all needs. Buy cheap price silencers from us with the best specifications. All products that we sell are original products with guaranteed quality of SNI that have gone through quality testing.

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