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Polyurethane Pipa - Pyu Pipa
Polyurethane Pipa - Pyu Pipa
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Sell Polyurethane Pipe - PU Pipe

We provide various kinds of insulators and polyurethane pipe insulation for the needs of cold insulation work such as gas projects for water liquid, AC Sentral, PERTAMINA and various cold insulation and the need for sound absorbers of various densities and sizes. As for the types of our products as follows:

* Polyurethane Pipes of various sizes and thicknesses

* Polyurethane Slabs / sheets with various thicknesses are commonly used for tank insulation

* Polyurethane Spray for the needs of sound absorbers used in various TV studios and cinemas with thickness variants

* Wodden block for pipe support

* PU Polyol and Asosianate foam

* inject PU Foam for pipes instead of Armaflex which is stronger, lasts up to 30 years and is affordable

to find out more about our products, please consult directly with us. thank you

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