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PU Spray
PU Spray
PU Spray
PU Spray
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Specification of PU Spray

Insulator and Insulation Materials

PU Spray or polyurethane spray, which is the juxtaposition of two chemicals of polyol and issoanate for wall and roof coating materials to function as follows:

1. Hold heat from outside and keep the room temperature cool

2 Hold the sound in and out. suitable for sound dampening materials because all the pores of the wall and roof are closed so that the sound will be difficult to enter or exit

3. Withstand leaks, it is suitable for roofing because this PU spray can hold water and can also reduce the sound of rain water because my PU material is elastic and soft.

As for the thickness of PU Spray, it varies depending on the demand of the consumer, the thicker the PU Spray the better the function. To consult PU Spray problems, you can contact us directly. FREE!!!

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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